Why do non Brits Want to Live in the UK so Much?

You hear it everywhere you go around the world; an aching jealousy to live in the UK. I have travelled in many places and people just love the thought of moving to the UK.

In fairness I have travelled to some “backpacker countries” a lot, so the wealth people have in the UK is an obvious draw. But after 15-20 years travelling I still give people a confused look when they state they would love to live in the UK.

Whats bad about living in the UK?

For me as a Brit I hated the weather. Apparently it has got better in recent years, but I just remember it being grey nearly everyday. As a Mancunian (born and bred in Manchester in the North West), the grey skies and rain are more prominent compared to southern parts like Cornwall, where the sun will make more appearances.

I also didn’t like the “rat race’. Waking up early and going out to work everyday; the traffic, cold and repetitiveness being the major negatives. Travelling has taught me that in many countries people will farm for a few hours or drive a taxi for a few hours, then take it easy. This seems especially true in warmer places and the people are generally much happier looking.

What is the reason why non Brits want to move to the UK?

The first and most obvious choice is security. The UK is one of the most established societies in the world. Literally hundreds of years ahead of many developing countries. This has resulted in a system which protects and feeds everyone, even if you have no income. It also means a very fair and comprehensive legal system, which protects human rights.

Then you have an excellent standard of living, if you can afford it. As long as you have studied for a degree abroad and have a good job lined up; the standard if living is luxurious. Having a car one per adult is normal and taking holidays abroad at least once a year is the done thing.  To get tips on living in the UK check out this link which is a blog all about which products to buy and how to live in the UK.

Security must be top for most people, then a great standard of living. Finally the UK offers great education. From the twin university cities of Oxford and Cambridge, known together as Oxbridge, to a whole host of independent schools across the country such as the excellent Communicate English School in Manchester. There are schools for everything you could think of, especially in London.

Now as a Manchester guy who has studied in London, I feel that the capital deserves a mention too. London is the second most cosmopolitan city in the world in my opinion. In terms of culture it is a true melting pot. You can find anything you want there, from specific dance classes from South America, to stores selling specialist goods from certain Asian countries.

Although some towns may be a little closed off to incomers, London and Manchester are great places to live, study and set up a family. I would certainly recommend looking beyond these cities if raising a family, if you can. For example just north of Manchester is the Lake District, which is truly a beautiful region. Down south there is the aforementioned Cornwall or Devon, both with excellent coastlines.

As for me, I am happy to of moved on from the UK. Below is my current Facebook cover photo, one I took a few days ago in Asia. I just can’t get the turquoise waters out of my head, they are the opposite of the grey skies in the UK. So if you need any advice about moving to the UK and specifically Manchester, just get in touch.

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