Why Boracay is Unique

I have been to Boracay many times over the past few years. The place is unique because it has one of the best beaches in the world, great tourist infrastructure, but isn’t completely spoilt.

I’ve travelled all over Asia and Boracay is the best of the lot. It has the perfect combination of being busy enough that there is always something to do, but not over crowded.

Some may disagree about the overcrowding. Development has been massive over the past few years and the central area of the main beach can get uncomfortably crowded. But if you avoid the central area you can find a great balance.

The area known as Station 2 is the place to avoid. It features most of the shops and bars so it is good to just stop by. You really should be aiming to stay in the north (Station 1) or south (Station 3).

Station 1 has better sand and shallower water, but it costs more. People on a budget like myself stay in Station 3 where reasonably priced rooms can be found. Station 3 features nice restaurants like Cowboy Cocina a lovely boutique style spa for massages called Bella Isa and a good selection of hotels. The beach is still very nice in Station 3 and far quieter than Station 2.

The island also features other beaches. Bulabog on the back isn’t as clean but it is the best place for water sports most of the year. Pukka Beach on the northern tip makes a great day out and is very quiet. Diniwid Beach just past some rocks north of Station 1 is a beautiful bay to visit for a couple of days. It is also worth hiring a boat to take you around the island where you will spot and visit other beaches.