Top 2 Places to Live in Asia

Thinking of emigrating to hot and sunny Asia? Not sure where would be best? Well this post should give you some off the beat track tips about the best places to moved to in Asia.

1. Discovery Bay in Hong Kong

discovery bayThis is a great option if you want a great location with all of the convenience that comes from living in a developed place like Hong Kong. Discovery Bay is a beautiful little place with a beach and top class infrastructure. The area is home to expats from around 30 different nations. The population is around 20,000 and growing.

Discovery Bay is know to locals as DB. It is easily accessed from the center of Hong Kong by taxi, bus or ferry. It lies in close proximity to the international airport which also connects to the main area by train. Families will be delighted to hear that Disneyland is also very close by. Real Estate prices are thought to be around 25% less than in other areas of Hong Kong. For more information check out Around DB magazine.

2. Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is a bustling city with a unique charm. Many Asian cities become overbearing with the heat and traffic. Bangkok has an excellent air conditioned rail service which helps to alleviate this. The city is great to see at night with amazing lights on the buildings. It feels like you are in a movie like Bladerunner. There are many big malls which offer shopping for all tastes from super cheap markets to the reasonably priced MBK mall, to the upscale Paragon mall.

Bangkok is home to some amazing cuisine. You will find every international dish you crave at one of the many thousands of restaurants. The real treats can be found at local establishments where you can eat a delicious plate of spicy noodles followed by the national favorite dessert mango and sticky rice. Most expats choose to stay in condos which usually come with a pool and gym and other facilities. Prices are very reasonable for condos whether buying or renting.