LGBT Travellers Discover Gay Hotel in Boracay

Boracay Island is one of the most popular beach destinations in the world. It receives more visitors than any other tourist spot in the Philippines. Both international and Filipino travellers love the white sand and clear water. That includes a sizeable number of gay visitors.

gay hotel boracay
The island lacks any hotels which cater specifically to the LGBT demographic. This prompted Alan, an expat in the local gay community to open up Rainbow Rooms. The idea was to source gay friendly hotel rooms and offer a service to LGBt travellers which guaranteed no problems.

Rainbow Rooms was recently altered to Rainbow Rooms and Apartments. Some of the previous accommodation wasn’t perfect so a new resort has been introduced for the hotel rooms. The previous resort is now just used for a few apartments which offer a self catering option.

The The island is located in the center of the Philippines so it receives milder weather than other parts which are prone to typhoons. The most popular season is from December to May. The rest of the year is more at risk of rain, it can be heavy but never poses any danger like in other parts of the Philippines.