short stay care home in stoke on trent

Great Short Stay Care Home in Stoke on Trent

Recently we went on holiday, the problem is that my elderly mother lives with us and she is not very mobile. She doesn’t like the heat and wouldn’t enjoy the holiday. Plus she would require us to gat a taxi everywhere, whereas we love to walk.

Last time we went away she stay at my brother’s house. However he and his family are coming with us this time so we were faced with a dilemma. We could either not go away at the same time, cancel the holiday, or find Mum somewhere else to stay.

There were no other options we could think of, we wouldn’t feel right leaving her in a hotel because she is showing signs of dementia. My brother’s wife was talking about our conundrum at her work and her colleague gave us the answer- a short stay nursing home.

We were told about a care home group called Safe Harbor and that they were the best in the region. We got in touch with the nearest care home in Stoke on Trent to us. We have always been wary of these places and promised Mum that we would not “put her in a home” as she puts it.

But we had to try it out, for the sake of future holidays too. Plus one day she may require 24 hour nursing care at one of these care homes, so it could be a little trial run. My Mum, brother, his wife and I all went to visit New Park House.

We were immediately really impressed and Mum seemed just as happy with the place as the rest of us. This place is nothing like the dark and dingy places you imagine (like in the TV show Derek). It was a beautiful building (see photo above), with large garden and the interior has lovely modern decor. I could tell it wasn’t all top of the range stuff, but I was very impressed.

We spoke to the manager and one of the nurses. They reassured us that Mum would enjoy it and that she should think of it as a holiday for herself. I think that line was the one that clinched it. We had a look at the room she could stay in and it was great, just as good as any hotel we would of booked, if not better.

My Mum commented on the cleanliness; she is a stickler for cleanliness. After a subtle check she gave it the thumbs up. We all had a chat to the side for a couple of minutes and everyone was positive about the place. It didn’t take long for Mum to reassure us that she would be fine there and would enjoy her holiday whilst we enjoy ours.

A few weeks after our holidays finished, my Mum won’t shut up about the home. She said everyone was friendly, the food was good and she felt like she was really on holiday. We shall certainly be doing the same again next time and the home does have nursing facilities, so it is nice to know that there is an excellent option if she ever does need full time care.