ski training gadget

A great little gadget to use before a skiing holiday

I recently booked my first trip dedicated to skiing in Switzerland. It will be a couple of months before I go. Having never been skiing before, I have been a little worried as my friends have plenty of experience. They advised me to get out there and practice. So have been taking lessons at the nearby indoor slope. They have been a great help. There would be no way that I could of balanced properly if I hadn’t done this. My instructor advised me to buy some ski boots and a new gadget called the Sweetspot.

First let me just say that you need to know what you are doing when buying ski boots. I had no idea and just ordered a nice, cheap looking pair online. The fit was too loose so my instructor advised me to send them back. He told me first you need to buy proper ski socks and then try on various pairs of boots. The key is to get a comfortable fit but also quite a tight fit. This way there is no slippage on the slopes. Anyway back to the Sweetspot…

It is a pair of blocks which is strapped to the bottom of your ski boots. The name comes from the fact that once you are balancing on the blocks, you naturally find your skiing “sweetspot”. This allows you to practice at home in a very life-like way. There are 4 sized blocks for people of different skill levels. Naturally I am starting with the easiest size for beginners. Since using the blocks I have really improved, at least my instructor thought so. Anyway that is the end of this short post, I just wanted to share the gadget with any skiers as they have really helped me. I think they are available online in most countries and they don’t cost much, cheaper than my low cost ski boots. You can read more about them at the SkiA website.