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Why Boracay is Unique

I have been to Boracay many times over the past few years. The place is unique because it has one of the best beaches in the world, great tourist infrastructure, but isn’t completely spoilt.

I’ve travelled all over Asia and Boracay is the best of the lot. It has the perfect combination of being busy enough that there is always something to do, but not over crowded.

Some may disagree about the overcrowding. Development has been massive over the past few years and the central area of the main beach can get uncomfortably crowded. But if you avoid the central area you can find a great balance.

The area known as Station 2 is the place to avoid. It features most of the shops and bars so it is good to just stop by. You really should be aiming to stay in the north (Station 1) or south (Station 3).

Station 1 has better sand and shallower water, but it costs more. People on a budget like myself stay in Station 3 where reasonably priced rooms can be found. Station 3 features nice restaurants like Cowboy Cocina a lovely boutique style spa for massages called Bella Isa and a good selection of hotels. The beach is still very nice in Station 3 and far quieter than Station 2.

The island also features other beaches. Bulabog on the back isn’t as clean but it is the best place for water sports most of the year. Pukka Beach on the northern tip makes a great day out and is very quiet. Diniwid Beach just past some rocks north of Station 1 is a beautiful bay to visit for a couple of days. It is also worth hiring a boat to take you around the island where you will spot and visit other beaches.

LGBT Travellers Discover Gay Hotel in Boracay

Boracay Island is one of the most popular beach destinations in the world. It receives more visitors than any other tourist spot in the Philippines. Both international and Filipino travellers love the white sand and clear water. That includes a sizeable number of gay visitors.

gay hotel boracay
gay hotel in Boracy

The island lacks any hotels which cater specifically to the LGBT demographic. This prompted Alan, an expat in the local gay community to open up Rainbow Rooms. The idea was to source gay friendly hotel rooms and offer a service to LGBt travellers which guaranteed no problems.

Rainbow Rooms was recently altered to Rainbow Rooms and Apartments. Some of the previous accommodation wasn’t perfect so a new resort has been introduced for the hotel rooms. The previous resort is now just used for a few apartments which offer a self catering option.

The The island is located in the center of the Philippines so it receives milder weather than other parts which are prone to typhoons. The most popular season is from December to May. The rest of the year is more at risk of rain, it can be heavy but never poses any danger like in other parts of the Philippines.

Top 2 Places to Live in Asia

Thinking of emigrating to hot and sunny Asia? Not sure where would be best? Well this post should give you some off the beat track tips about the best places to moved to in Asia.

1. Discovery Bay in Hong Kong

Around DBThis is a great option if you want a great location with all of the convenience that comes from living in a developed place like Hong Kong. Discovery Bay is a beautiful little place with a beach and top class infrastructure. The area is home to expats from around 30 different nations. The population is around 20,000 and growing.

Discovery Bay is know to locals as DB. It is easily accessed from the center of Hong Kong by taxi, bus or ferry. It lies in close proximity to the international airport which also connects to the main area by train. Families will be delighted to hear that Disneyland is also very close by. Real Estate prices are thought to be around 25% less than in other areas of Hong Kong. For more information check out Around DB magazine.


2. Bangkok, Thailand

buildings at night in bangkokBangkok is a bustling city with a unique charm. Many Asian cities become overbearing with the heat and traffic. Bangkok has an excellent air conditioned rail service which helps to alleviate this. The city is great to see at night with amazing lights on the buildings. It feels like you are in a movie like Bladerunner. There are many big malls which offer shopping for all tastes from super cheap markets to the reasonably priced MBK mall, to the upscale Paragon mall.

Bangkok is home to some amazing cuisine. You will find every international dish you crave at one of the many thousands of restaurants. The real treats can be found at local establishments where you can eat a delicious plate of spicy noodles followed by the national favorite dessert mango and sticky rice. Most expats choose to stay in condos which usually come with a pool and gym and other facilities. Prices are very reasonable for condos whether buying or renting.

A great little gadget to use before a skiing holiday

I recently booked my first trip dedicated to skiing in Switzerland. It will be a couple of months before I go. Having never been skiing before, I have been a little worried as my friends have plenty of experience. They advised me to get out there and practice. So have been taking lessons at the nearby indoor slope. They have been a great help. There would be no way that I could of balanced properly if I hadn’t done this. My instructor advised me to buy some ski boots and a new gadget called the Sweetspot.

the Sweetspot ski trainerFirst let me just say that you need to know what you are doing when buying ski boots. I had no idea and just ordered a nice, cheap looking pair online. The fit was too loose so my instructor advised me to send them back. He told me first you need to buy proper ski socks and then try on various b=pairs of boots. The key is to get a comfortable fit but also quite a tight fit. This way there is no slippage on the slopes. Anyway back to the Sweetspot…

It is a pair of blocks which is strapped to the bottom of your ski boots. The name comes from the fact that once you are balancing on the blocks, you naturally find your skiing “sweetspot”. This allows you to practice at home in a very life-like way. There are 4 sized blocks for people of different skill levels. Naturally I am starting with the easiest size for beginners. Since using the blocks I have really improved, at least my instructor thought so. Anyway that is the end of this short post, I just wanted to share the gadget with any skiers as they have really helped me. I think they are available online in most countries and they don’t cost much, cheaper than my low cost ski boots. You can read more about them at the SkiA website.

Staying In UK Holiday Cottages

If you are looking for a reasonably priced alternative to overpriced hotels, UK holiday cottages make an ideal choice. They can be found all over the country, especially in the more well known National Parks, such as the Lake District and Snowdonia. A cottage is not only cheaper than a hotel room for a family or group of friends travelling together, it also offers complete flexibility and allows you to come and go as you please.

Most cottages offer plenty of space and are ideal for larger families who want to save money on booking two or more hotel rooms. Although UK holiday cottages vary in the level of luxury and the amenities they offer, you can assume that they all come with basic furnishings, bath and wc, a TV and usually some outdoor space. Many have more luxurious features such as a jacuzzi, and many allow pets. Some are suitable for the disabled and are designed to accommodate a wheelchair.

holiday cottages in Cornwall UKIf you are a family trying to save money on your next UK holiday, one of the biggest expenses for many people is eating out, and a holiday cottage comes complete with a kitchen. Again, facilities will vary, but you can assume that the basic cutlery and pots and pans needed to cook and feed a family of four are usually provided. However, if you are staying in a cottage in the country, one of the pleasures is enjoying a home cooked meal and a few drinks at the nearest village pub.

UK holiday cottages can be found all over the country and deciding just where to go may be the difficult part. Snowdonia offers some of Britain’s wildest and most spectacular mountain scenery, along with easy access to the North Wales seaside resorts. The lake District is Britain’s most popular National Park, and offers plenty of outdoor pursuits as well as artistic and literary associations. Although flat, the Norfolk Broads makes up for its lack of topography by offering some of the best sailing and boating anywhere in the UK, as well as plenty of family oriented activities.

Finding and booking just the right cottage from the UK holiday cottages that are available is easy. Booking online allows you to look at photos of the cottage, read guest comments and narrow your search by price, location and number of bedrooms. If a holiday in the UK is in your plans, a cottage s one of the best accommodation choices there is.

The Plan For Travelling In Vietnam

Vietnam is a country rich in culture, the beautiful landscapes and world famous architecture are sights that can be best absorbed without the distraction of hurried travel. When travelling in Vietnam it is not always sensible to consider road or rail for long journeys, the country is huge, and the flight from end to end takes two hours. For the backpacker however, with time to travel at leisure, the full wealth of Vietnamese culture can be experienced, and traditional modes of travelling in Vietnam are absolutely necessary for the visitor to enjoy the complete cultural experience.

Local Craft

Travelling by boat has to be experienced in Vietnam; the Mekong river system is one of the ways to find this. The appearance of the traditional junks is breathtaking to witness as these beautiful vessels slice through the water. The sights are truly world class, and the traditional fishing villages you will encounter will breathe life into your experience, as locals go about their business smiling and waving as they work in the sun. The Vietnam water taxi is available for small trips, these small, bowl shaped mini boats are designed to benefit shallow waters, and are regularly used to reach the shores from a vessel.

Travel by Cycling

A brilliant way to get around when travelling in Vietnam is to do as the locals do, and get around by bicycle. Bikes are readily available for hire in most areas, and the fact that this is one of the most popular forms of transportation in the country (alongside Motorbikes and scooters), opens up the areas that cannot be reached by car. The ‘Cyclo’ is a three wheeled bike taxi, and although they are banned in busy areas as possible road hazards, they are still one of Vietnam’s signature forms of transport, specifically if they are carrying an awkwardly balanced heavy load(like a fridge) tied down by a piece of string!


Best Time Of The Year To Visit Vietnam

Vietnam is a country of vast climate variations, due to the different altitudes. Vietnam divides into three areas North, South, and Central with each area having its own unique climate. Depending on the traveler, the best time of the year to visit Vietnam depends on the season.

North Vietnam the Northern parts of Vietnam consist of Hanoi, Halong Bay, Hai Phong, Cat Ba Island, Sapa, and Ninh Biahl. The winter season runs from November to April with colder temps around 16 degrees. The best time to visit North Vietnam is during the fall and early spring, October to March. Dressing for cooler weather is advisable. South Vietnam the Southern parts of Vietnam consist of Mekong Delta, Phu Quoc Island, Muine, Saigon, and Cu Chi Tunnels.

South Vietnam has a tropical climate offering high humidity and hot temperatures. Locals take to shaded areas during peak hours of heat between noon and 3 pm and dress in clothing covering the entire body to protect themselves from direct sunlight. The best time to visit South Vietnam is during the cooler months of the year, December to April. The wet season, which is subject to short burst of rain downpour, happens during the months of May to October, leaving Mekong Delta difficult to travel during flooding.

Central Vietnam Tourism is popular in Central Vietnam from January to February. The Central parts of Vietnam consist of Nha Trang, Hoi An, Danang, Dalat, Bach Ma, and Hue and have more of a neutral temperature than North and South Vietnam. The best time to visit Central Vietnam is during their dry and cool season’s March and April, and October to December. Monsoon season runs between May to June.

The best time of the year to visit Vietnam is during the spring and the fall when temperatures are cooler.

Thailand holidays

Enjoy The Sun With Luxury Holidays In Thailand

Depending on where one lives, there may be a specific holiday destination that is frequented by the locals. It could be the great flight prices that cause this. It sometimes is because there is minimal hassle regarding visa documentation. But sometimes, taking a step out of the ordinary is the perfect tonic for the soul. This is where luxury holidays in Thailand can come as a blessing, it is just a short flight from Vietnam so many people visit both places in one holiday.

As a country, Thailand is steeped in rich culture and history. Individuals traveling here can avail of its low prices and high standards regarding hotels and bars. There is definitely a lot of night life in the major cities, and tourists are usually well looked after on their journeys.

Of course going abroad also means preparing for anything. The majority of people will want to ensure that they have taken out a travel plan. Cheap travel insurance isn’t hard to find and will do one the world of good. It will give peace of mind to the individual. If losses incur, then financial compensation shall be in order.

One of the great things about the Internet is that today it is possible to shop online. Browsing through hotels, individuals can often find the perfect place to stay. If any further questions need to be asked, then there is no harm in phoning up the company. Inquire as to what sort of facilities the hotel features. Especially when going abroad, one ought to keep an eye on the standards of accommodation.

There are just some people who want to see the world in style. Finding it these days is not very difficult. Plenty of flight deals can also be found. In some cases, the flight is usually the most expensive aspect of this trip. It will definitely be a holiday for all to remember.